REST EZ Country Waste Pickup Inc.

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 Rest EZ provides residential trash pick up on a weekly basis for customers outside the city limits in Berrien County. We are not permitted to service customers in the city limits of Nashville, Ray City, Alapaha or Enigma.  

For your convenience, if our driver can drive up to your house and have ample room to turn around safely, then your container may be kept near your house.  However, if you have animals or a small driveway your container can be placed curbside on your day of pick up for collection. 
This service is for bagged, household trash only.  All other trash can be disposed of at our convenience center in Nashville.  If you are not able to haul the trash yourself you can contact us to arrange a special pick up for an additional fee.

Items NOT Permitted
Items that may pose a safety or health risk to Rest EZ employees, the public, or property when collected will not be picked up. Hazardous materials such as oil-based paint, pesticides, or battery acid cannot be disposed of with Rest EZ..  Tires, appliances, furniture, wood, construction debris, and oversized items can be brought to the convenience center or call to arrange a special pick up.

Residential service locations
Residential customers are provided one container per household.  That container is only for that residence.  If you need an additional container for your residence that can be provided for a fee.  You may not allow anyone else use your container.  Doing so could result in the container being removed.
Repairing and Replacing Containers
Property owners are responsible for the cost of repairing or replacing lost, stolen, or vandalized containers. Normal wear and tear will be taken care of by the route person.
Replacement garbage containers are $75.00 each.
Containers are not transferable from one property to another. If you move please to another location in our service area please contact our office and we will assist you in moving your container to your new address.  If you are moving out of our service area or no longer need our service, please contact our office so that we can pick up your container so that you will not be billed for additional service.